In 1983 Anne Dean moved from a hospital satellite surgery center to her first freestanding center where she worked as the Administrator and OR Supervisor.  At that time she came to understand the special needs of freestanding surgery centers and realized that if she had issues and concerns  (and special vulnerabilities) in her center, other managers, and physician-owners, must surely have those too.  It was with this in mind that Anne and Stephanie Dean developed their company.  The idea was, initially, not to have a company that developed ambulatory surgery centers, but one that worked to provide consulting services for centers that were up and running.  The growth in the industry, however, has led them to continue developing new centers while helping those up and running to gain their licensure, certification and accreditation. ADA has worked with over 650 surgery centers, but is especially proud of the centers with whom they have maintained a relationship for 20+ years.

ADA offers three levels of services: Gold, Silver and Bronze.  Clients can upgrade whenever they wish depending on their circumstances.

Gold Level:  Full service plus two visits

Center for Advanced Eye Surgery   
Poland, OH      
Medical Development Corporation
Hudson, FL
Center for Surgical Excellance    
Gillette, WY
Premier Surgical Center
Boise, ID
Central Florida Cataract & Laser Surgery Center
DeLand, FL
1983, 2004 
Seashore Ambulatory Surgery
Northfield, NJ
Eye Physicians of Sussex County
Newton, NJ
South Texas ASC 
San Antonio, Tx
Gulfshore Endoscopy Center
Naples, FL

Silver Level Memberships: ADA manages policies, but no visits

Klamath Surgery Center  
Klamath, OE  

Bronze Level:  Website Subscription Service Only

Central Indiana Orthopedic Surgery Center  
Muncie, IN   
1997, 2012
Proliance Orthopedic Ambulatory
Surgery Center

Riverside Plastic Surgery & Sinus Center
Red Bank, NJ    



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