With development, we start with:

Certificates of Need
Some states still have the requirement to prove the need to get permission to build. This is commonly referred to as a Certificate of Need or “CON”. We will research and prepare all documentation for submittal to the State and attend State hearings through to the granting of the CON. Other states require obtaining an exemption. We can assist you in the process of obtaining such a waiver.

Financial Feasibility Studies
Utilizing your current caseload, we will analyze the feasibility of developing an ASC and project your caseload out five years. We will provide you with construction costs, equipment needs and costs, staffing patterns, projected revenues and expenses, projected cash flow statements, wage and salary assumption statements.

Design Assistance
The design of the center is it’s foundation. Our hands on experience in nursing and ambulatory care is unsurpassed. We will develop a functional space program that has effective flow plans and traffic patterns and allows adequate space for equipment and inventory stores, etc. We will then work with your architect to incorporate these ideas into the actual floor plan.

Equipment Planning
Using our years of experience, we will work with you to distinguish what your equipment needs are and which items should be purchased new versus refurbished. From the floor plan, we will lay out and design a complete equipment plan for all areas. This plan considers the special needs of the facility, patient, staff and supply flow, regulations, standards and quality of care issues. We can also act as your purchasing agent and assure you the best pricing on the best equipment.

and then...

Operating Systems
We recognize that your ASC’s success depends on successfully developed systems. Our consultants work with you to set up and implement these systems, preparing you with the foundation you will need for successful licensure, certification and/or accreditation.

These systems include:

Scheduling and Records
Scheduling procedures, maintaining required health information indices, procuring necessary data, assembling the health information chart, verifying insurance, performing chart reviews and filing.

Financial Structure
Establishing your fee schedule, case cost analysis studies, contact and negotiating with carriers, and preparing and reviewing budgets are some of the services that we offer.

Inventory Control
Setting up inventory control systems to include par levels, ordering and receiving supplies to control overhead costs in supplies and help you stay profitable.

Staff Training and Development
We establish in-service programs to meet federal regulations, to include self-study inservices. We train your staff in the distinctions of freestanding ambulatory healthcare and surgery centers. Our consultants will walk your staff through the entire patient stay process, rehearsing roles and distinctions.

Quality/Performance Improvement
Our QI/RM Program is nationally recognized. We provide you everything you need for quality control, review and improvement, while training your staff to make the seemingly complex simple. Your success depends on a complete and comprehensive quality improvement program.

Risk Management
Patient safety is essential. We establish, train and monitor this program for you. We provide Licensed Risk Managers, monitoring tools and regularly issued reports.

Our complete Exposure Control program covers all blood borne pathogen and biohazardous requirements. We set up your system, train your staff to implement it, and then monitor all tools and surveys to assure your compliance.

Policies & Procedures
A complete and comprehensive Policy & Procedure program must reflect all rapidly changing rules, regulations, laws and standards. Our consultants prepare customized policy and procedure manuals for each client. These manuals are designed to meet all State and Federal regulations to include OSHA, ADA, CDC, EPA, Department of Labor, as well as Licensure, Certification and Accreditation agency’s standards and guidelines.

Regulatory Compliance Program
The need for ongoing updates due to changes in laws, standards and regulations is what created our Regulatory Compliance Program. This program keeps you “survey ready” resulting in continuing “no deficiency” surveys and three-year accreditations. We review your entire program semi-annually and provide on-going staff training in critical issues. This serves to maintain your facility at the highest regulatory compliance level and does it more cost effectively than any in-house compliance program can.

but some ASCs just need help with regulatory compliance...


Our online Center is where a new client of ours can jump off running using their own existing policies...or ours and capture all the latest and current criteria needed for compliance: policies, policy updates, inservices, credentialing, officer's workbooks, current chart forms, quality improvement, risk management and infection control tools, etc.

There is so much information, it's hard to know where to begin.  But please feel free to take this moment now,  call or email us, and one of our program experts can give you a more indepth overview of our program.

Ask the questions, get the answers!  

An online presentation takes just 10 to 15 minutes.  Why wait?


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