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Master Policy Changes

At The ADA Group, we understand the staggering responsibility of staying current with ever-changing healthcare regulations. That is one of the reasons why we provide on-line Policy and Procedure updates.
Forms, Notices & Logs  

This page includes ADA sample forms for administrative, QI/RM and other programs.  Other forms are located at links below: 
Other Tools:
Credentialing Courses
                    Job Descriptions
               CAN'T FIND A POLICY?  Look here in the Master Policy List 
Medical Staff & Personnel File Preparation and Order Details
Officer Workbook tools

Information & Education Service Center

The ADA Groupís Information & Education Center provides an arena for our Clients to gather and share information. 

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               Notes From Anne's Desk 2023 - One unique way Anne communicates with you!
               Ask Anne - FAQ  - Over 100 questions answered!
               Production Notes - Policy custimization notes and quarterly lists
               Technology - Instructions and info on using the electronic forms and policies
               The ADA Advisor - Newsletter
               Outside Resource Links

               Anne's Blog (external link):
               Anne Dean's ASC Perspective
                   Commentary on today's ASC challenges and rewards


Risk Management Service Center

On-line forms and communication links are designed to assist the Risk Manager Designee and Licensed Risk Manager in servicing and implementing their Centerís Top-Rated Risk Management Program.

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               Incident Report Forms
               Benchmarking and Medical Necessity - Clinical Practice Guidelines
               Tool to download:
Risk Management Survey Program (Book TOC)

Development Service Center

Developing a freestanding ambulatory surgery center is a big undertaking for anyone. It can be a time consuming process filled with frustrations and headaches.  

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               Self Instruction Tools  [this page is under development]


ADA Administration 


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