The ADA Group, founded by Anne Dean BSN, HCRM, who is known as the guru of ambulatory health care, is a consulting firm specializing in compliance for ambulatory surgical development and office-based surgical development. For office registration, state licensure, Medicare certification and ASC and OBS centers accreditation, call the ADA Group.

For nearly forty years, the team at the ADA Group has put the financial and regulatory success of its physician-owned practices first. Literally thousands of state licensure, and OBS licensure/registration and accreditation Medicare and accreditation surveys have been guaranteed with the ADA Groupís programs. No company has developed more physician-owned surgery centers than the ADA Group. They are who you call when you have a question about surgical compliance. Whether it is office-based, ambulatory, or even mobile, the ADA Groupís consultants have the hands-on experience to help your practice produce and maintain compliant systems. The ADA Groupís programs help improve patient outcomes, reduce risk, and ultimately remove liabilities that could compromise the success of the practice.

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Anne Dean, as a forerunner in the ambulatory surgery movement has been involved with hundreds of ambulatory surgical development projects as well as already established centers since 1979 to include centers, not only in the US, but Africa and Saudi Arabia. No other consulting firm has developed as many ASCs as Anne Dean and the ADA Group. The ADA group has the ďhands onĒ experience you need for your center.
Everything starts with compliance. The ADA Group implements its dynamic and inclusive policy and procedures program as a foundation of compliance upon which everything runs. This supports quality patient care even when pushing to make facilities profitable. Medical practices, office-based surgery, and ambulatory surgery centers run efficiently and profitably with limited risk and liability from failure to comply.
See commonly asked questions and the ADA Groups answers here.

Why Hire The ADA Group
Our risk managers will perform risk assessments of your ASC and OBS to help you reduce your risks from failure to compliance. The ADA Group has the experience needed to help you reach and maintain compliant systems by putting their nationally recognized program in place in your center which improves patient outcomes and reduces risks.

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Regulatory Compliance: The ADA Group utilizes our website to communicate and provide updates to programs, policies, and forms to those who subscribe. Want to see more? Download our sneak peek Word document containing screen captures of access-only pages here: Sneak Peak


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Congratulations To:  

WELCOME to the following centers!



Eye Physicians of Sussex Co.
Newton, NJ
Joint Commission Accreditation
Jean VanSyckle, AD
Jodie Favorite, QAC



Waxahachie Surgery Center
Waxahachie, Texas
D.Sobti, MD
L. Howell, RN, DON
Joint Commission

The Surgery Center of Kansas City
Kansas City, Kansas

Welcome Back!
Hudson Valley Endoscopy Center
Fishkill, NY
AAAHC Accreditation
Lata Hatchandani, AD
Wilma Tassone, RN, ED



Anne Frey Dean, RN, BSN, LRM
is one of the
201 Women Leaders to Know in the ASC Industry


Can hand lotion be used in the peri-operative setting?

What standards should my infection prevention program be resourcing?

Do we still have to remove nail polish if scrubbing in the OR?

Do I have to remove my gown before leaving the OR?  How about before leaving the decontam/soiled instrument processing area?

There is a lot of controversy in our organization regarding the removal of jewelry prior to handwashing.  Our staff says this only applies if they are scrubbing in for a case.  Help!

We are a busy eye center.  As such, we are drawing up all syringes for any blocks the morning of surgery and labeling them for the name of the drug, dosage, date and the initials of the person who drew it up.  Is this acceptable?


View Anne's Answers and more FAQs here 

Attention Inservice Coordinators:
Quality Assessment/Performance Improvement in an ASC Setting, New 12/12
Patients' Bill of Rights, New 12/12
Ergonomics at Work, Rev. 12/12
Disruptive Behavior in the Workplace, Rev. 12/12

dozens more on the Inservices page)

Attention Risk Managers:
Electronic Incident Reporting Now Avaiable

Contact Stephanie for instructions
regarding emailing those reports to the ADA Risk Managers


Here are our recommended downloads (pdf) files regarding CMS surveys:

Agency for Health Care Administration

National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences Worker Training

ASPEN: Regulation Set (RS)

ASC Quality Collaboration Implementation Guide

State Operations Manual Appendix L - Guidance for
 Surveyors: Ambulatory Surgical  Centers 
Rev. 6/17/22

Excerpt from State Operations Manual, Appendix L -  416.42 (b) Standard: Administration of Anesthesia
(word document)

CMS 12/13 Infection Control Surveyor Worksheet

Review Anne's Medicare Survey - Self Assessment Tool...and many new and revised forms - on the
forms page 

See the tool created for putting together a book of displays according to CMS regulations  -
forms page 



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Also, these links for Infection Control Training for your IC Coordinator:





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